Wednesday, February 22, 2012

And it Begins...

Good morrow everyone! It's currently 12:21pm and I'm still workin' on muh delicious coffee o doom as my body continues to fight the random 'pre-spring' virus that's finally hit me after hitting everyone else. And's such a beautiful day here by the ocean!

A cool sea breeze dancing through the open windows as a warm sun showers the landscape. A perfect day for a new start.

And today, as some of you may already know, is the day that a wonderful friend of mine has lovingly pushed me to begin my 'Official Author Page' on Facebook. I thought about creating one in the past, but I honestly didn't know if I had what it took. I kept fearing that I wouldn't do it right (don't you just love unneeded anxiety?) and never got around to it. But how do I know if I'll be good at something if I don't at least Try? So with her encouragement and endless enthusiasm, as soon as she brought the idea to my attention...instead of fearing what I'd do Wrong, I decided to just go for it.

I'm still nervous, seein' that in a sense, this is kinda new to me. I'm a dork, I know *chuckles*.

Anyhoo, this lil blog thingy o doom will be connected to the Page. It just made more sense to have the two working together, and possibly make it easier for those of you interested in my creative works o doom, to find what stories or posts you've missed here.

I'm goin' to do my best to keep everyone up to date and entertained, and hopefully...this will turn out to be something we can all really enjoy. ^_^

And on that note muh lovelies, time to get some more coffee into this tired body of mine, and then I shall scamper off to more...writing...and shtuff...of doom?



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  1. Somehow... I believe I missed this before...*hugs*... I LOVE IT! Am going to figure out what I've missed and get these back in order in my brain...*grin* (If I don't post a response each time, it's cause IE/Google/Twit's r-us have banded together and decided I need way more permission than anyone else on the*luv khrys...